Time to Start Doling Out the Thanks!!!

It is with a happy heart that I get to start saying thanks to race directors all over the country for their support of our 52 Race Fundraising campaign for Team Chad!

Let’s start with Rev3.  As most of you know Rev3 has pulled me under their wing and have provided me with an immense amount of support in this effort.  Being a part of Team Rev3 has given me the opportunity to partner with the best companies in the endurance sports community.  This coupled with gratis entry to their races makes this relationship something really special for Team Chad.  For 2013 I will be heading out to three of Rev3’s premiere races.  I will be stopping at the Dells in Wisconsin (http://rev3tri.com/wisconsin/news/).  Trying to convince the wife to bring baby Lincoln up the park for this first Dells experience.  Next I will be racing at Cedar Point in Ohio (http://rev3tri.com/cedar-point/cedar-point-news/).  From water park to amusement park little Lincoln is going to have one heck of a memorable first summer.  Finally I will be racing at the inaguaral Branson, Missouri race (http://rev3tri.com/branson/branson-news/).  Excited to make a trip to Branson for this race.  I did Rev3’s first race in Costa Rica and am pumped to race this inagural race also.

Next I would like to thank, in order of the races on my schedule, the other races which have agreed to allow me to race their event without paying a race entry fee.  This is allowing me to ensure that we are keeping the costs of this adventure down to a minimum with all of the funds donated going back to Team Chad.

First up, Endurance Sport Management (http://www.endurancesportsmanagement.com/) has been generous enough to allow me to race three events through them this season.  Redskin Romp spring triathlon in July and the Atomic Man Sprint and Half during the weekend of September 27th.  This will certainly be a tough weekend but I am pumped to get the chance to race these events.

Next I wouldl ike to thank TriColumbusGa (http://www.tricolumbusga.com/) for allowing me to race the Chattahoochee Challenge sprint on July 20th.  They were so eager to assist in our efforts to get to 52 races that they offered me free entry to all three of the Chattahoochee Challenge series but there were conflicts already on the schedule.  I will have to give the full challenge a shot next year.  Thanks TriColumbusGa!

Next we have Anitra Thompson and the Lame Duck Try-Athlon in Mallard Point, Kentucky (http://mallardpointonline.com/lameduck).  This race was appealing to me and one I had to add to the calendar primarily due to the first paragraph on the website: “Hosted by the neighbors of Mallard Point in Georgetown, KY, the Lame Duck Try-Athlon began in 1999 in the spirit of enjoying the neighborhood’s lakes, hills, food and friendships. Though actual distance is shorter than typical triathlons, athletes have called it the most challenging event to participate in of the season.”  I am very excited to face this challenge.

Next, for a three race weekend we have Lifetime Fitness Tri and the Chicago Triple Challenge at the end of August (http://www.chicagotriathlon.com/page/show/661982-triple-challenge).  Chicago remains one of my favorite cities to visit but I have never had the chance to do the Chicago triathlon.  Putting three races into one weekend will certainly make for a memorable weekend.  Plus having three races in one weekend really helps the schedule!  Coming to you Chicago!

Next we have the HyVee Olympic Triathlon in Des Moines, Iowa (http://www.hy-veetriathlon.com/).  I have raced this event for the past two seasons and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  This is a race where I have become rather comfortable.  One of the really cool features of this race is how the whole town turns out to show their support of the sport.  Really makes for a memorable visit.

To round things out I want to say thank you to everyone who has committed to helping our efforts to raise money and awareness for Team Chad.  This type of giving really reminds me of why I choose to be a part of this community.  Thanks!

Season is Approaching Fast

I am less than 3 months away from the start of my Team Chad 52 week race series.  As the weeks pass the excitement for the adventure ahead grows.  As part of this last 3 months I have to begin focusing more heavily on the real purpose of this series….that is Team Chad.

I have been very fortunate to partner with some wonderful companies.  Rev3 has stepped up the plate in a major way to support this series.  Along with Rev3 I have developed relationships with Powerbar, Pearl Izumi, Reynolds, QR/Litespeed, Triswim, Compex and Normatec to name just a few.  These companies have stepped up to help with the gear necessary to get me through this season.

Now it is time for me to find some financial partners to help further Team Chad’s mission.  So, I am putting it out there to all the friends and family to help me come up with creative and effective ways to raise as much money for this awesome charity over the next 15 months as possible.  Put your thinking caps on and give some suggestions or contacts below in the comments!