Season is Approaching Fast

I am less than 3 months away from the start of my Team Chad 52 week race series.  As the weeks pass the excitement for the adventure ahead grows.  As part of this last 3 months I have to begin focusing more heavily on the real purpose of this series….that is Team Chad.

I have been very fortunate to partner with some wonderful companies.  Rev3 has stepped up the plate in a major way to support this series.  Along with Rev3 I have developed relationships with Powerbar, Pearl Izumi, Reynolds, QR/Litespeed, Triswim, Compex and Normatec to name just a few.  These companies have stepped up to help with the gear necessary to get me through this season.

Now it is time for me to find some financial partners to help further Team Chad’s mission.  So, I am putting it out there to all the friends and family to help me come up with creative and effective ways to raise as much money for this awesome charity over the next 15 months as possible.  Put your thinking caps on and give some suggestions or contacts below in the comments!

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