Race 2 – General Smallwood Sprint Triathlon


So this is the most memorable moment from the second race in the series. The General Smallwood Sprint triathlon was a challenge for me because it was the first (of many to come) time I had competed in a second race during the same weekend. Soreness was certainly present on all three legs of the race. This will pass with time but it made for a challenging race on Sunday.

The race put us essentially on most of the same bike course as the day before. It was a very nice bike ride on good roads with good shade from the morning sun. The legs were tired and sore but the bike went well, all in all.

The back into transition for the run. Two loop run course on a bit more forgiving run course than the day before. When I came out of transition a mountain biker slowly creeped up in front of me and I looked over to see he was the “race leader” bike. I said to him “so this is what it feels like to lead the race”. My friend and fellow Rev3 teammate Tracy Reed overhead this and snapped the picture above…a few minutes later the race leader came up beside me and reassumed his rightful position behind the bike. Humor on the course is not always easy to find so this was a nice relief.


Besides the race one of the brightest points of the weekend was the opportunities that I had to talk about Team Chad. The bike worked in luring several interested racers into discussions. This gave me a chance to, not only talk about the bike, but give them the reason behind the bike. The website for Team Chad was handed out to several people who wanted to know more. Hopefully this will continue as we push forward with our racing. This upcoming weekend we will be racing in Knoxville on Saturday and Chattanooga on Sunday.

Mileage update. Saturday’s race was a total distance of 19.6 miles. That puts us at a total overall distance of 51.3 miles of racing.

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