Race 4 – Chattanooga Waterfront


To the non-racers this may not look like much. However, I just finished up a session with this torture device and asked Maggie how something so pink could hurt so much. This is a foam roller and it helps weary muscles stretch back out after a hard session. I needed some serious time with the pink pain roller.

Today’s race was put on by Team Magic in Chattanooga. Due to the excessive rain we have received over the past few weeks the river was too high for a safe swim so it became a duathlon. 2 mile run followed by 42 kilometer bike (26 miles) followed by a 10 kilometer (6.2 miles) run. Tough day coming off a super sprint on Saturday.

Before the race I road my bike down from my hotel which was about 3 miles away and then I met up with my good friend Bruce Gennari in transition. Bruce is a stud in the tri community (not just locally but nationally) and a genuinely awesome guy. He asked me to get a warm-up run in with him. I’m not sure how long we ran but it had to be 1.5 miles at a good clip. Then some lunges and stretching at the insistence of my trainer Amanda Foland (finally getting the props she deserves). Then we were off for the first run. I could tell the legs were a bit tired from yesterday but nothing to be worried about. Got back to transition feeling fairly good and ready to head out on the bike.

Last time I raced Waterfront was two years ago. I lost my only water bottle that time on a rough section at mile 1. That left me to race the whole 26 without any fluids or calories which is a big mistake. This year I made it cleanly through this rough section, took a celebratory sip off the bottle and kept going. It took me until mile 5 this year to eject my bottle onto the race course. Same song different verse. At a time like this you should stop and get the bottle but there was a crowd and you don’t want to make any sudden braking in a crowd..so just plowed ahead and finished the bike with a parched mouth. Got out on the run and there is nothing to really say about this. No legs. This is a 90% flat course but that doesn’t help when you don’t have any legs.

Race wound up and to my surprise my time got me on the podium in my division; taking third. Before awards the bike continued to work its magic as I was engaged in conversations for several hours before awards. When awards rolled around Theresa with Team Magic was gracious enough to comment on my season to the crowd. Needless to say this got a good response from the crowd. As I headed off the stage a reporter standing by reporting on the race grabbed me for a story. This thrilled me as this is one of the main goals of my season – raise awareness for Team Chad. The interview went great and I am looking forward to the story running (Time Free Press – I will post the story when it is run). So, all in all, despite the tough race it was a great day. Team Magic never disappoints with their races. Very well run. It feels like a real community when you are part of one of their races. Thanks Team Magic.

So, today’s race totaled 34.2 miles which brings the season total 98.1 miles. Until next week. Thanks for following the blog and if you have a chance donations to support Team Chad are the second prong so help me out there.


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