Race 6 – Tri the Mountain Sprint

After our race on Saturday we made our way to north Georgia for the Tri the Mountain Sprint.  Prior planning presented a bit of a problem as we rolled into town around 7.  We quickly learned that this was a town that did not have a plethora of hotels but rather relied upon the cabin rentals.  We were able to find a hotel 40 minutes or so outside of town which made for an early morning.

The perk of an early morning drive in the mountains makes for an amazing sight.  We had to get to the race start early enough for packet pick-up so we had the chance to see the fog rolling off the mountain in the early morning sunrise.  Cool stuff.  Selfishly Maggie, Lincoln and I have been able to see some really memorable stuff during our journey.  

Get to the race site, check in and head down to swim.  The swim was a mass start off a boat ramp.  Clustered for the first 100-200 yards but it made for a fun change of pace.  It has been a while since I have done a mass swim start so I enjoyed this chaos.

Off onto the bike for a hilly but beautiful bike ride.  It was a tour of the mountains surrounding the lake.  The race director cleverly talked about the fast downhills (all downhills have a corresponding uphill folks) which there were plenty.  Racing down the hills in the mountains of north Georgia was a cool experience.  We too often plant our heads downward looking 10 feet in front of our wheel as we hammer through races.  This was not one where you wanted to do that.  Head up enjoying the fog burning off the mountains.  Fun, hilly and challenging course (especially on tired legs).

The run.  We knew what was in store as we enjoyed the downhill half mile into transition on the bike.  What goes up must come down and the vice versa is true.  We had to run up this hill to get onto the main road.  Once on the road we were granted with a downhill until mile 1.  I foolishly thought that we were going to have a downhill run all the way to the finish line.  Nope, to the mile 2 marker (and maybe a bit beyond that) was uphill.  I worked through the run and made my way into the town center for the finish.  Again I was shocked at the turn out and support from the town.  Great showing Blue Ridge.  Came across the finish and was happy to wrap up race 6.

Today’s distance was 21.5 miles which brings our total race total to 135.2 miles.  Good times.  Team Chad will soon be known all over.  Now time to rest and get ready for next weekend which starts north of Lexington and then finishes up here in our own Music City.

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