Race 7 – Lame Duck Try-Athlon

Silly name…Hard race. Don’t judge a book by its cover for sure. I am going to change the format of the blog a bit because we had so many great pictures from this race that it is better to tell the story through these photos:

Friday night before the race we had the opportunity to be interviewed by Sam Dick and WKYT in Lexington about Team Chad and the series. It was a lot of fun to watch the interview that night. We will try and get a link to the interview shortly.

Races start early in the morning my dear Lincoln.

The only part of this race that was flat was the swim. Very cool set-up. Point to point swim across a private lake.

Steep climbs give you fast and fun descents.

As I told the race director heading out of transition “here comes the pain”. She just smiled with a look of certainty. The hills began and continued for all 2.5 miles of the run.

A hint of the hills.

Down the final hill.

Across the line.


Joe Babysitting baby Lincoln.

And here is the great part…post race interview with the local news about Team Chad and this awesome season! We received so much love and support from Lame Duck.

And this is the new favorite race picture. Shows, all in one photo, exactly what is required to allow me to head all over the country doing these races – a loving and supportive wife and a patient son. Awesome picture.

Lame Duck is a race that you need to put on your calendar. There are few races I have competed in where I have seen so much local support. This is the hardest 12 miles of racing I have ever encountered.

This was a short race that added 12 miles to the total. We are now at 147.2 miles total.

One response to “Race 7 – Lame Duck Try-Athlon

  1. Love the photos, especially the one with you, Maggie and Lincoln! Sounds like a great race weekend! Great job!!!!!! E

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