Race 8 – Music City Triathlon

Sunday morning came early for my fairly weary legs. Saturday’s race was a blast but it did leave the legs a bit trashed. However Music City is our big local race and I really wanted to put out a good show on behalf of Team Chad. It was great to see all of my tri friends at this race and they were all very excited to hear about the season for Team Chad.

The race got going with a brisk swim. Many racers were rocking the wetsuit but I opted to leave it at home. The Music City swim is always a challenge due to the river current. That wasn’t any different on Sunday. The swim requires a lot of advanced planning to ensure that you don’t get to far off course. For me the swim went well. Felt pretty good getting out of the water and ready to head out for the hilly ride down Ellington.

This is where I started feeling the legs. This bike course is a lot of fun but it does require a lot of strength to really race this course. The trip out was very windy and that is where you also fight the hills. However you get the wind at the back on the way back in. It was a lot of fun making my way to transition. I was very nervous getting off the bike that I was going to be walking the run course.

Off the bike and up the pedestrian bridge. This is a tough start to the run every year. No exception this year. I was really hoping that once I created the hill I would feel the legs loosen up a bit. To my surprise this is what happened. The run felt good (as good as a race can feel). Came across the line spent but happy to put out a good showing at Team Chad’s hometown race.

The performance was good enough to garner another podium spot. Team Magic again was awesome to announce to the crowd what I was doing and why I was doing it. Team Chad getting love in Music City.

Race 8 was a challenge but it was well worth it. Added 16.4 miles to the total. We are now at 163.6 miles total.

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