Week 9 – Rev3 Wisconsin Dells

1,500 miles. That was the driving distance for our race in Wisconsin Dells this weekend. Some people (being most everyone that I talked to about the trip) would say this is crazy. But I have to tell you that there are two reasons why driving this far for a race is worth it:

1. Rev3. Rev3 races are worth the travel. They know what athletes and their family want at a race. As a point of example, here is a shot that I will cherish for the rest of my life. This is a picture of me carrying Lincoln across his first finish line:


Most races forbid you from running through the chute with anyone. Not Rev3, they are a family centered race company and this picture shows that. This is but one reason why you (everyone, racers and not racers yet, should put a Rev3 race on your calendar). It was great to be back around my Rev3 family for a weekend. I look forward to the other Rev3 races on the calendar.

2. Team Chad. Because we came from so far out of town for this race we were able to strike up a lot of conversations about the journey. During the trip we did several video interviews that we are hoping to have access to here shortly. Once I get them I will put them up on the blog. Also I am aware of at least three people that wanted the website so they could donate to our charity. That’s right. People that are nearly 1,000 miles away from Nashville appreciate the work that Team Chad is doing and want to be a part of it in a financial way. That was great.

So, that is why we traveled to the race. Now, how about the race itself.

Wisconsin Dells starts the swim in Lake Delton right off the stage of the Tommy Bartlett Ski Show. We were able to watch the ski and comedy show the night before under the stars. Just one of the many experiences along the way. The morning of the race the rain rolled into town. I was hopeful that the rain would push out because biking on water covered roads is always a bit more tiring. No such luck. The rain was there through all but the last three miles of the run.

Maggie and Lincoln had the right idea and stayed in the RV which was parked next to transition. They were able to watch me come in out of the swim, head out on the bike and come back in for the run out. Here are a few creative shots they were able to capture:







Not much more that I can say about this race except that I was fortunate enough to end up on the podium again. The upside (other than a bit of personal joy) is that Rev3 was gracious enough to announce my journey for Team Chad while I was on the podium. This resulted in some questions off the stage about the upcoming year. Spreading the word.

So, where does this race bring our race mileage? Prior to the race I had completed 163.4 miles. This race added another 31.9 miles for a total of 195.3. This weekend will move us over the 200 mile mark. Get excited.

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