Race 10 – Indianapolis Sprint Triathlon

Well, we made it into double digits.  It sounds like we still have a long way to go (which we do) but it was very nice to get into double digits for me mentally.

The race in Indianapolis was in a beautiful park called Eagle Creek.  Heading into this race I adopted a race strategy that was different than I had ever raced before.  A little lead in may be necessary.  This upcoming weekend I will be racing three (3) races in Chicago.  Saturday will be a short, super sprint.  On Sunday we will race a sprint race followed by an olympic distance immediately thereafter.  So, knowing that I was going to have a challenging race on this upcoming Sunday I wanted to see how I felt after an “easy” sprint race.  So, the Indianapolis race was going to be a test of how the legs would feel at the end of the race so that I could try and prepare, even if just mentally, my race coming up in Chicago.

The swim course was in a lake that is used by collegiate crew teams.  It was a good venue for spectators.  I would say it was a bit of an uneventful swim although there were some periods of clustering.  All in all though the swim went well.

The bike took us through some beautiful parts of the park.  There were a few “rolling”hills on an out and bike course.  The traffic was not too bad and the course was clearly designated. One memorable portion of the bike came near the turn around point.  Leading up to the turn around there was a slight climb that all the racers noticed.  As I was making the climb I was passing another young racer.  I could tell he was working to get up the hill and was truly gutting it out.  He was gutting it out to the extent that as I came by he started to loose his breakfast on the course.  He looked over, as he was wrapping up that process, with a big smile on his face.  Ohh, us triathletes are a weird group.

The test for the moderate pace always comes on the run for me.  I really worked hard to maintain a moderate pace that would leave some legs at the end of the race.  The run course had one slight climb and then it flattened out.  Coming across the line I felt fairly good.  I am glad I didn’t have an olympic race on the back side, but I know I could have gotten back out there and raced it.  

Following the race we handed out dozens of cards about Team Chad.  A few people wanted to reach out to me after the event to talk about other partnerships that could help further the cause.  At the awards ceremony the announcer was kind enough to talk about the season and the cause.  Following the awards we were again talking with other racers and spectators.  All in all it was a great day for Team Chad.

Race number 10 was a short race (13.5 miles).  This runs the total race distance thus far over the 200 mile mark.  At the end of race 10 we were sitting at a total distance of 208.8 miles.

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