Race 11 – Bowling Green Triathlon

Sunday morning brought us to the Bowling Green Sprint Triathlon. I was excited to attend this race as it has been on my radar for the past few years. I can say this, it will stay onto calendar for the years to come. They know how to put on a race up there. Great event with a lot of enthusiastic local support.

I am not usually nervous heading into races – especially those with a pool swim. However, I had made a mistake (apparently) in my estimated swim time and therefore I was seeded as the 7th racer to start. This meant I would have fast swimmers nipping at my heels on the swim. The swim started. I jumped in and pushed it so as to not be too embarrassed. Fortunately for me I didn’t bottleneck the swim and only a few racers made the pass.

Off to the bike. I knew there were a few climbs on the course around mile 3 or so. I don’t race with a watch or a GPS to measure distance so I have to just guess where the climbs will be. Hit the climbs and they were recognizable. The legs and chest weren’t real happy but that’s what racing is about – right?

Heading into transition and the bike dismount. Usually (thankfully) this is uneventful. However this time as I pushed the bike from the pavement to the grass as I ran behind the front wheel caught the grass edge and sent me tumbling over my bike. What makes wrecks at transition memorable is that it is usually the only place on the course where there are crowds. They all got a chance to see my moment of glory. I composed myself, got up on my knees, loomed at the crowd (who looked bak at me with a mix of concern and comedy) and shrugged my shoulders, got off the ground and racked my bike. Run shoes on and off for the run.

Not much to say about the run. Came into the finish feeling alright knowing I was going to get some ribbing about my spill.

Awards ceremony was great. The race director handed me the mic to give me a chance to tell the crowd what we were doing for Team Chad. This received a warm response from the crowd.

Race 11 added 17.6 miles. This brings our total distance raced to 226.4 miles. Next up is the Chicago Triple Challenge this weekend.

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