Race 15 – Hyvee Triathlon

Well we made our way from Chicago to Des Moines to get ready for the Hyvee Triathlon over Labor Day weekend. When we rolled into town we were greeted with the hottest day of the year – 104 degrees with a heat index of 110 degrees. Brutal to say the least. We got checked in to the race and tried to relax and stay out of the heat for the next day.

When race morning rolled around we had an entirely different weather condition to worry about. Storms woke us up early and got us moving to the race site. The overnight storms were so strong that they had to move the race start back nearly an hour to make repairs to some of the race equipment on the course. We thought we were fortunate that the storms had subsided prior to race start but that turned out to be a mixed blessing.

I have come to learn that the early morning storms tend to whip up a great deal of wind when the rain moves out and the heat rolls in. That is exactly what we experienced on this race day. The temperatures climbed up into the high 80’s or low 90’s and the winds became fierce. I have done several races around the ocean and now in Chicago and I have to say that these winds were the worst I have ever experienced. It really was draining on the bike to fight the winds.

Off the bike and onto the run. I knew from the first few steps off the bike that this was not going to be a fun 10k for me. The heat felt smothering and my legs just felt flat. Not really worn out from the bike but rather just flat from weeks of racing. It was one of the first times that I had felt so weak on the run. I guess the cumulative effect of racing and traveling is starting to add some stress to the legs. Got through the run. Visited the medical tent for a second week in a row. Not something I want to do again as the season progresses.

I have to say that Des Moines and Chicago were disappointments to me. Not from a performance standpoint (although that is also a point of frustration for me) but rather as it relates to Team Chad. I discovered that racing these really large events makes it hard to stand out in the crowd of several thousand people. The racers typically view these races as their “A” race for the season so they are head down and not real interested in chit chatting about things like what we are doing. So, this two week journey produced less exposure and donations than I had hoped.

Next week I was supposed to be heading to Cedar Point, Ohio to race a sprint and a 70.3. I have decided that this is not in the cards. I am staying local and will instead substitute in the Nashvegas Olympic distance race and another sprint race in Elizabethtown on Sunday. Keep the momentum moving forward.

Hyvee added another 32 miles to the tally bringing the total distance of racing to 315.7 miles.

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