Race 16 – Nashvegas Tri

This weekend I decided to stay in town to race our local Nashvegas sprint triathlon. My schedule had me heading up to Cedar Point in Ohio fora sprint on Saturday and a 70.3 on Sunday. I made a decision that my legs just could not handle those distances. I was right.

The race was held in Ashland City just outside of Nashville. I have done cycling races in AC buy never have I done this triathlon. I showed up the morning of the race to see a slew of my local friends. As an added bonus the Team In Training triathlon team was there competing. This was an added reminder to me of why I am out there every weekend putting in the miles. This group of committed fundraisers and racers impressed me greatly.

The swim started as soon as the fog burned off. This was quite a sight as the fog disappeared and we were graced with the surroundings. The swim went fine and the bike was of no real consequence.

I knew once I stepped off the bike I was going to be welcomed with weary legs. I was disappointed to see that this was the case. The heat was out and the legs were fatigued. I cruised back into the finish with a run time (for a 5k) that was a full 4 minutes slower than some of my times earlier in the season. I have worn these old legs down. Nonetheless I was glad to add the 16th race to the tally.

With all the local friendships at the race the discussions about the season, Team Chad and the bike were numerous. I was more than happy to talk to all who were willing to listen. This race added 17.65 miles. We have reached a total of 333.35 miles.

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