Race 17 – E-Town Dolphin Sprint Triathlon

On Saturday of this past week I headed up to Elizabethtown, KY to tackle the 17th race of the season. I arrived into Etown around dinner time. Headed over to the race site to check things out and saw the race crew setting up the transition. I headed to dinner and started browsing through the race website to get all the details about the race. This was one of the few races where I had not pre-registered as this was a late change to the schedule. I had looked at this website a few times previously but didn’t catch one of the most important details. Registration had closed the day before and there would be no race morning registration. My stomach sank. I feared that I had just driven 2.5 hours just for a bad Thai dinner. I quickly started searching race calendars to see if there was any other race within a few hours of where I was. No luck. I paid my bill and headed back to the race site hoping the crew would still be there so I could beg that they let me in the race. Fortunately they were there and my humble begging worked. They added one more spot to the race and let me in. A true Callahan moment.

I parked the RV in the parking lot and rested for the night. This is one of the biggest perks of the RV. I was able to sneak in another 30 minutes or so of sleep. Walk out the door and into transition. So nice.

The swim was a 400 meter pool swim. There was a good crowd and a bunch of high school swimmers starting the race. Always fun to watch true swimmers at work. Soon enough my 17th race was underway. The swim was smooth without any real issues. No congestion which was a nice change of pace.

Bit of a run to transition. Off on the bike. The bike course was really in a good part of town. We quickly made our way out of town and onto country roads. My legs still felt a bit beat up especially on the hills. I just decided not to worry about that and just focus on getting the pace up on the flats. So that’s what I did. I think I was 10th off the bike and off onto the run.

They packed in the 5k in a small part of town. This meant several out and backs which was fine because it allowed me to keep an eye on everyone. I was happy with the run (all things considered). Came into the finish and was greeted with two young kids hanging out the medals. That had to make the race for me as I could see Lincoln doing that in a few years.

The racers and fans following the race were very welcoming. I spent the few hours until awards talking about Team Chad and the race series. Handed out more cards and invited more people to visit the blog and donate. Hopefully the donations will continue coming in for TC.

This was another sprint so we added another 17.25 miles to bring us to a total distance of 350.6 miles. Putting some real miles in. Heading to Lexington for another race this weekend.

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