Race 19 – Rev3 Branson

Last week brought me to Branson, Missouri for my 19th race of the season. This course has a reputation for being brutal on the bike. Branson is in the Ozark Mountains. When I rolled into town I could see that this was a well deserved reputation.

Leading up to the race we knew that the weather was going to be chilly race morning. 48 degrees. That was what welcomed us race morning. The water temp was 76. Odd to warmer in the water than out. I knew the bike was going to be a real test so I coasted in the swim. Didn’t push at all. It really was a picturesque swim at Table Rock lake.


Heading out of the swim we had a long climb. The first seven miles of the bike was almost all climbing. It was beautiful though. From the top of the mountain we headed down onto a closed four lane interstate. Lots of hard long climbing was in store for the next thirteen miles. Then we headed back down into Branson for the run.

We the run course which sent us on a two lapped course. The first part of the loop was through an open air shopping mall which was strewn with spectators cheering us on. The weather was great. The course was great. Led to a pretty good run taking all into consideration.

It was great seeing my Rev3 family. They put on an amazing race. Everyone that came across the line did so with a smile. I got the privilege at the end of my day to finish the race with our last place finisher. He was an awesome competitor that just had a rough day. I accompanied him over the last two miles or so to ensure that he didn’t finish those last hard miles by himself. He was welcomed home by a huge Rev3 crew. Great stuff.

This race added another 32.1 miles to the total. We are now at 399.2 miles. Tomorrow will put us over the 400 mile mark.

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