Race 20 – Atomic Man Sprint

Today I crossed a big milestone (at least in my mind).  This was the 20th race and it took me over 400 miles of racing since July.  That is a lot of time out on the road (traveling and racing).  I am excited that we have made it to this point in the season.  I think at races it gives us some extra credibility among the racers that hear the story.  During the beginning of the season when I had 3 or 4 races ticked off I could see some doubt in the faces of other racers that heard about the journey that laid in front.  Now, when they hear we have knocked out 20 you can tell that they believe where this thing is going.  With credibility hopefully more support for the cause will begin to stream in as the season continues.

Today my plan was to take it EASY.  I did not want to “race” this one today because I have a big one on the calendar tomorrow.  So, I cruised in the swim, cruised on the bike (showed me some big climbs we have tomorrow around mile 6 and again coming back at mile 50) and then really tried to trot on the run.  This was hard because I saw a lot of other racers trucking by me on the run that I just had to let go.  Tomorrow will be my big test and I had to remember that out on the course.  The location of the race was (like most of the races this season) was in a beautiful part of the state.  Just west of Knoxville with perfect racing weather.  I really enjoyed my time on the bike during this one because I was able to keep my head up and take in the sights.  Good times.

Well, this one added 22 miles to the tally.  This brings the total to 421.2.  Tomorrow will add a cool 70.3 to this tally bringing us pretty close to bumping over the 500 mile mark and the half way point for the projected miles for the whole season.

Off to rest and get the mind right for tomorrow.  It will be a tough day as the legs are tired and I can tell the body is ready for a break.  One last big push and then a week off is my reward.  That along with some donations to Team Chad (hint hint readers…get on it)

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