Race 21 – Not So Fast

Well, Race 21 didn’t go as planned. This past Sunday I toed the line for a 70.3 mile kind of day. I had raced the sprint the day before and was feeling fairly good heading into Sunday.

The plan was to take it easy on the swim
and the bike to make sure I was able to handle the run. Cruised on the two lap 1.2 mile swim. Made my way out onto the bike without any rush.

The 56 mile bike course had a lot of challenges. Some good climbs but most of the challenges came in the form of road debris. I cruised through the first 48 miles on the bike. Then it happened. Flat front tire. I jumped off the bike only 8 miles away from transition. Pulled out my fix a flat kit. This kit is a one shot deal. Either it works or it doesn’t. Well my flat occurred on the seam of my tire. This led to the fix a flat compound just shooting out the side rather than dealing the hole. I sat on the side of the road with my thumb over the hole for 30 minutes hoping that this would help hold in the sealant. I thought it had sealed. I started walking hoping the sag vehicle would catch up to me with a bike pump (all the air from the fix a flat had leaked out through the hole). He caught up after about a half mile of me walking. I grabbed the pump. Gave it a few good pumps and then……psssssssttttt. My day was over. I put the bike in the back of his truck and he drove me back.

A mechanical DNF that far into the bike is frustrating. But that is racing. So, unfortunately we will have to race number 21 again and the miles (nearly 50) don’t go on the official tally. I’m off this week and the following I head to Anderson,SC to get back at it for Team Chad. I hope this story makes you feel so saddened by my misfortune that the only way you can find solace and continue on with your day with a happy heart is to donate now. It will work. I promise.

3 responses to “Race 21 – Not So Fast

  1. love the red banner–real attention getter; sad message, yes, but a reminder that this ain’t easy; good luck at the notorious Civil War prison camp

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