Race 21 – Part Two

So I headed to Anderson, South Carolina for Another race with my Rev3 family. This is Race 21 Part Two because I had my first DNF a few weeks earlier at the Atomic Man Half Iron.

Anderson was a fun and relaxed trip as I had not raced in a few weeks. I headed over there with my coach and friend Bruce Gennari. A weekend in the RV with my OCD friend led to a lot of good times and one very clean RV at the end of the weekend.

The day before the race as we were dropping out bikes off at transition I noticed that I had a flat rear tire. This means that I flatter both my front and my rear tire at Oak Ridge. Not good news as the tires I have can’t be ridden for a few days after a replacement is mounted. Fortunately my Rev3 family was able to hook me up with a replacement wheel to ride the following day. One problem would emerge later on at about mile 7 on the bike.

Race morning. We had camped at the race site so we were able to relax and take out time the morning of the race. We took the shuttle to swim start where I had time to hang out with my other team members. Talk about what I was going for the next year and why I was doing it. I have to admit that I really love talking about all that Chad has accomplished through this charity that he had the vision to start.

Swim started and we got out to a nice pace. I was fortunate during the swim in that I was pretty free to swim without too much congestion. A few racers in front served as good pacers which really allowed me to coast a bit through the swim.

Off onto the bike. As soon as the bike started I just felt flat. The wheels were turning but I didn’t feel like I was covering the ground I should. I chalked it up at first to just having an off day. About 7 miles I and after being passed by several people like I was standing still….it hit me. My brakes were rubbing. I flipped my brake levers open and felt immediate relief. I could still hearing the rubbing but it was much, much better. I pushed through the bike but I had burned a few too many matches.

The run came and I was truly flat from my bike ride. On the run I saw several of my teammates, Rev3 volunteers, Bruce Gennari and Bo Parrish. It is great to do races with so many familiar faces. Came into the finish. Happy to have 21 done. I’m ready to get to race 22 though. I want to keep trucking towards our goal.

This race added another 31.9 miles. This brings the total to 453.1 miles.

2 responses to “Race 21 – Part Two

  1. Holy cow. Your Mother would tell you to take an extra change of underwear; I am going to add you should take along an extra tire or two. 120mm cars carry a spare tire—wonder why? Oh, you youngsters!

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