Race 22 – Rev3 Venice Olympic

This post is a bit late.  It has been a hectic post race week…work is crazy, Lincoln is on the verge of being fully mobile, the housework is progressing and we had an awesome event for Team Chad (Pigs and Pigskins) this past Saturday night.  Things are all good right now.

The 22nd race brought us down to sunny Florida for another visit with the Rev3 family.  I was glad to add another state to the list for Lincoln (along with his first and second flights) and to give Maggie a trip somewhere with sand for a race.  We got down there a bit earlier in the week to visit with friends and take in the sights around Sarasota.  Our friends were gracious enough to host us during this trip so it was a nice break from the RV and cheap hotels.  I’m not even sure if gracious is the right word because they were so generous with their time and skills (she is a phenomenal chef and fulled the old belly with an Italian feast Saturday night – which led to leftovers for breakfast race morning).  Lincoln also got a shot at his first swim lesson (although one was not needed…he is a natural in the water – much more so than his old man).

Unpacking the bike from the flight down was disappointing.  I was “randomly selected” by TSA for a bag search of the bike box.  That is the worst sheet of paper to see when you open the bike box because you know they don’t really care about your stuff.  So, as I unpacked all the parts I promptly noticed several large chips out of the paint on the top tube of the bike.  Frustrating to say the least.  As most of you know we had this bike painted in CA for this season and so getting this fixed won’t be possible.  I guess I will just have to find a cool sticker to stick on top.  Bike went together well after that.  Took it out for a quick spin.  Headed out for a quick run.  And then hit the pool with Lincoln for a little swim.  Saturday was a wrap with Bama beating LSU.

Sunday morning.  Up and one the way to race site.  It has been a long time since I have done an ocean swim so I was excited to get in the water.  I really like ocean swims—more excitement than lake or river swims.  The swim was hectic..crowded and difficult for the first few hundred yards.  Then it thinned out.  Paced off a guys feet just to the front left of me.  Wasn’t pushing just coasting along with him.

Got out of the swim..ran up the beach and for the first time ever I saw a stripper at a race.  That’s right..there were about twenty strippers waiting as you came off the sand and hit the parking lot.  And they were beckoning every racer to come over so they could put their hands on you.  Who was I to resist.  I ran over.  Laid flat on my back.  Stuck my feet in the air and the pulled it off – my wetsuit of course.  They were wetsuit strippers.  This was a nice perk.  Getting the wetsuit off can be a challenging task sometimes so this was a nice perk. 

Headed off onto the bike…I was racing with new bike shoes.  I fought with my left shoe for almost a mile on the bike trying to get my foot securely fastened in the shoe.  Frustrating but that is part of it sometimes.  The bike was windy.  I was playing leap frog with about three guys.  We weren’t drafting in the 3 bike length zone but it seemed like when any of us got out front we couldn’t hold the others off for too long.  We just went back and forth from the lead to the back….almost the whole ride.  

The run was beautiful.  We ran an out and bike course with long stretches running right next to the beach.  I try..during my least favorite part of the race….to pick my head up and soak this stuff in.  I just couldn’t pull the run together.  Don’t know why but couldn’t get it in a groove at all.  The failure to get in a groove always punishes me mentally.  I know it is happening…I know I shouldn’t let it…but it does.  

Came into the finish shoot and grabbed Lincoln.  He rode in the last 100 yards or so on my shoulder.  Love that stuff..thanks Rev3 for being so accommodating for moments like that.  At the race (and even at the airport) we handed out more cards to inquiring people.  Hoping that all this attention is materializing into greater awareness and funds.

Race 22 was a lot of fun.  It was a good break from the fall weather here in Nashville.  We added another 31.9 miles to the total.  This brings us up to 485 miles of racing for Team Chad.  We are scheduled to head to California in a few weeks to hopefully add three more to the total before year end.