Race 26 – Tritonman Sprint – San Diego

I headed back out west a few weeks back to keep charging forward towards the 52.  I headed out there to tackle two races.  The first was scheduled for Saturday in a draft legal format and the second on Sunday in a conventional, traditional format.

I signed up for both of these races because it provided me with a nice opportunity to knock out 2 races in the same weekend on the same course.  I knew I was a bit out of shape heading into this race (tends to happen over the winter months).  On Saturday I planned on pacing through the whole thing in order to have some gas for Sunday.  

When I showed up I was surprised.  I noticed that I was the oldest racer there.  I had, apparently, signed up for a collegiate focused draft legal race.  This was a tune up race for these young racers before they got into their season.  I didn’t know this until I got pulled off the course for being lapped on the bike section.  Humbling.  This is a kind of race that you can’t show up to out of shape and certainly not one you can maintain a comfortable pace on throughout.  These guys were pushing hard from the start to the finish.  I know this because I had a rare opportunity to watch them all come across the finish.

So, I packed up my stuff and knew I would be coming back the next day to race the course again with racers more my caliber.  Sunday was a good day of racing.  Still out of “racing” shape but you can’t complain too much about a day of racing in San Diego in February.  I was happy to bring this race to a close and get me to 26.

This race added 16.5 miles to the tally.  So, north of 600 miles we go.  603.3 total miles.  26 races to go and looking forward to getting back into the meat of the season and spreading the Team Chad story.

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