Race 32 – ADPiTriathlon

I am a bit behind on getting this one posted.  Life has been hectic.  Lincoln had his first birthday, baptism and Easter.  However, I am back on track with my blogging.

The ADPiTriathlon was a race in my backyard – Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  We headed back from our race in Atlanta to sleep in our own bed before Race 32.  This may seem like a small thing but it is really nice to be able to get ready in your own home.  

We arrived at the local race on another cold morning.  It was very nice to see familiar faces.  This allowed me to catch up with old friends that I had not been able to see since I have been gone on this crazy circuit for the last 9 months or so.  This season has taken me away from a lot of my local, familiar races in exchange for race locations that would allow me to tackle two or more events in one weekend.  So, the combination of a night at home and friends made this a very special race.

The swim was another pool snake swim of just 300 yards.  It was a bit crowded as everyone jockeyed for position early in the race.  Sometimes that is just part of racing.  Out of the swim and back into the cold.  This race was cold enough that I fought to get on some thin gloves before I headed out on the ride.  These few extra seconds made the ride a lot more bearable.  It was cold.  Not painful just annoyingly cold.  The gloves took off that bite that can distract you from what you are there to do.

Off the bike and back to my rack to get ready for the run.  As I was running my bike through transition I noticed that I was running next to my rack-mate.  I had a chance to meet him before the race and we talked for a bit about what laid ahead of us.  As I was racking my bike he was about to get on his.  That’s right…I had finished with my bike around the same time as he was finishing his swim.  Some people in his shoes may get frustrated with their day or frustrated with seeing me with only one leg of the race to go.  But not this guy.  He looked at me and said “solid, now have a great run.”  I told him thank you and offered similar words of encouragement to him.  That is what is amazing about this sport and about this racer.  Triathlon is a race against yourself.  He knew this.  He wasn’t concerned about my race or anyone else’s race at that time.  He served, probably unbeknownst to him, as a great example of how a triathlete should act.  Kudos to him.

The run was flat.  I didn’t have much in the legs since I had such a hard day in Atlanta the day before.  The hills of Atlanta sucked any speed (which I don’t have much of at this point) from my legs on the run.  It was a nice relief to see the finish line.  This race added another 13.4 miles to the total.  This one tantalizingly close to crossing over the 700 miles mark.  At the end of Race 32 we had raced 699.3 miles total.  

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