Race 33 – Boiler Sprint

So I find myself, once again, behind on my blog. I raced another race this morning without talking about the great race I had over Easter weekend.

Last weekend we headed to West Lafayette, Indiana to take part in the Boiler triathlon on the campus of Purdue University. The organizers were gracious enough to allow me to come up and race this event on very short notice.

The race was great. This race was put on by a great group of triathletes. It was another chilly morning. The swim took place in the Purdue team pool. Second time this season that I have had a chance to race in a collegiate long course pool. This pool was exceptional. It may seem silly but it is really nice to race in a good pool. No bunching on the swim this time. Everyone found their place and swam nicely separated the whole way.

The bike was best described as a tale of two stories. An out and back course. On the way out I could tells here was some wind out there. There was a section where we came out from the trees into an open area and a side wind popped us. It was a heck of a gust that pushed me close to the shoulder.

We headed further into the course. Made a right and now had the wind at our back. We were moving now. I knew I had to take advantage of all the blessings the wind provided on the way out because I was going to have to pay it all back on the way in. The turnaround came and the anchor dropped. It was brutal all the way back to the turn back out of the wind. It was nice to get out of the wind. Back into transition and off for the run.

From the start I knew this was not going to be my run day. The legs just sucked. It was a perfect run course. Part on a mulched path and the rest on sidewalks. The weather had warmed. The run was survived and race 33 was done.

At the end of the race I thanked the race directors for a great event. Talked with a large crowd about the season and the bike. Handed out cards hoping they would turn into donations. Race 33 was a great event. If you ever find yourself around Indiana in April plan to race this event. You won’t regret it. This race added 15.7 miles bringing us over the 700 mile mark. We are now at an even 715 miles.

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