Race 34 – Heart and Soles Triathlon

Back to Kentucky horse country for race 34.  Versailles, KY hosted the 11th annual Heart and Soles triathlon.  I showed up race morning feeling under the weather after a week of a head cold.  This, fortunately, was the first time all season I had to race under the weather.  I was a bit dizzy and congested.  Great combination for a triathlon.  

Got the transition set up and headed into the pool area.  Low and behold I was to be the third swimmer in the pool.  Apparently I had put down a swim time for a 300 yard swim when in fact this race was a 400 yard swim.  This means I was positioned too high for my swim abilities.  The way this race was set up I was not able to move back to where I should be so I knew I would have to push the effort a bit harder than normal to ensure that I didn’t mess up the flow for the other racers.

The swim went well.  Got passed a few times y some very quick swimmers.  Off to the bike.  This course took us through true horse country.  It was beautiful.  There are few places you can race with some much scenic beauty as horse country.  The bike was well spread out and everyone just kept their head down and raced their own race.  I tried to not push too hard as the dizziness and congestion was still lingering.  

We rolled back into transition and I knew I had a tough 5k to go.  They had us set up to run an off-road 5k which is always a bit more taxing on the legs.  The undulation of the terrain saps the legs more that steady and level pavement.  Just after the 2 mile mark we hit a section they affectionately termed “the wall” on the course map.  This was an appropriate label.  This was a tough, albeit relatively short, hill.  After you ascended this climb you then had a longer, not quite as steep, gradual climb.  Finishing these climbs brought you into the finish and a conclusion to race 34.

Heart and Soles was a fun race that had a lot of local support.  That is a good sign of the viability of races of this sort.  Any event that can cross the ten year mark is doing something right.  This race added another 17.4 miles bringing the total up to 732.4 miles.  

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