Race 37 – Healthy Heart Triathlon

After a challenging race in Lake Guntervsville, AL I packed into the RV and headed northwest to Cape Girardeau, MO for my next race the following day.

I knew this was going to be a smaller race as it is classified as a super sprint. This event was a fundraiser for the SigEp fraternity at Southeast Missouri State University. When I showed up to the race I could tell this was going to be a laid back event. That was totally fine with me. My legs were a little weary from a tough race and long drive the day before so I was looking for anything too serious.

I was the first racer to show up. Slowly more started making their way in. A total of 10 showed up race morning. This means we were all finishing in the top ten that day. Nice for me. The crowd, though small, was very welcoming and warm to each other. We all visited and chatted it up before the race.

The pool swim was in probably the most amazing student recreation center I had ever seen.

20140511-195205.jpg Complete with rock climbing wall, zip line and rope swing. Very cool pool.

The swim was 150 yards. Nice pace after a long swim the day before. Then off to the bike. The transition was set up on the top of a pretty good hill. The bike course was about 7 miles along country and hilly roads. My legs did not like it at all. I just wanted to get off the bike. My legs were not interested in racing that course.

We climbed back up to the transition and got ready for the run. The run was only 2 miles but I knew it was going to involve an uphill finish back to transition. So with tired legs and a defeated mind I made it through the run to bring race 37 to a close.

I was pleased to race this tri. I have now officially raced the largest triathlon in the country (Chicago Lifetime) and unofficially the smallest. It was a lot of fun. I wish I had a fresher body for this race because I would have really liked to race it. Maybe next year.

This race added only 9.1 miles to the total but it was certainly memorable. After this race I was 761.2 miles into the adventure. Getting closer folks.

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