Race 38 – Tall Pines Olympic Triathlon

This week we headed just north of Augusta to tackle the Olympic and Sprint distance Tall Pines triathlons.  Instead of another text based post I have something much more fun to share.  A few weeks back I tried to share, from a racer’s perspective, what a triathlon was like.  Well, this week, I am excited to show a video of the experience.  Prior to the start of the race I looked up to see a drone.  That’s right..drones are here my friends.  However, this was a helpful drone.  It was up there filming most of the race and I have the video to share.  Enjoy.  Take a close look at minute 4:17 and you may just see someone you know running their bike into transition to get ready for the run:

This race added 32 more miles to the tally.  We are now over the 800 mile mark for a total distance of 816.1 miles.

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