Race 42 – Rev3 Rush

Race 42 – Rev3 Rush

So this morning I knocked out race 42….hard to believe that there are only 10 to go until we wrap this up.  This weekend I am racing in Richmond, VA at the Richmond International Raceway.  This is the most unique weekend of racing I have ever done because it is a series of very short, very fast races around the raceway.  We race in the morning (which we just did) and then race again this afternoon.  Tomorrow we will race three times for a total of 5 races this weekend.  Even though these races are shorter they are very painful.  

And to top it off I got my first battle wound of the season.  At the dismount line where we get off the bike I had a bit of a spill.  For those of you who don’t know most racers in these shorter distance races don’t race with socks.  Rather we just slip our shoes into our cycling and running shoes (saves a few seconds).  When you are getting off the bike you slip your foot out of your shoes as you are coming into the dismount line (the line where you have to get off your bike).  You put your bare feet on top of your cycling shoes until you dismount.  You usually do this in the last few hundred yards.  Then when you dismount you are bare foot and can run to your next transition more quickly.  Well today as I stepped off the bike and was coming across this dismount line running my bike my foot slipped on the duct tape that was used for the dismount line.  Down I go.  Fortunately it wasn’t a bad wreck but left me with a bloody knee.  So is racing I guess.

I attached a video that Rev3 made of the bike course.  Take a look.  Gives you a first hand glance at what one of the seven laps we did looks like.

This race (and all the rest this weekend) only added 6.6 miles to the total…but man did they hurt.  These super sprint races really are taxing on an old man.  We are now at 880.2 miles…mile by mile closer.  Now to rest for this afternoon’s race.

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