Race 49 – Mach Tenn (and Sip, Support and Celebrate)

My 49th race was this past Saturday morning in Tullahoma, Tennessee.  The night before we had Team Chad’s largest fundraising event in history…that’s right, it was a great night.  During the event I was again awed by the generosity of our supporters.  In about 5 minutes we raised another $15,000+ for Team Chad as a result of my 52 races.  This was in addition to the approximately $100,000 raised through our other efforts at the event.  This was a huge night and we are still trying to get our heads around how wonderful this will be for all the patients that so desperately need the support.

Off the high from the event I woke up the next morning, headed east and arrived at one of my favorite races in the local circuit.  Mach Tenn is one of the most popular races in Tennessee.  They have been holding this race for 32 years so they have all of the “kinks” worked out and it went off without a hitch.

This race has a bit longer swim at around 1,200 yards followed by a 15 mile bike and a 4 mile run on a hilly run course.  Like I said, the race went off without a hitch and then we were onto the real reason you race Mach Tenn (not really but it is an added bonus).  Beer and local cooking welcomes you at the finish line.  The racers all mingle, share lies and talk about the rest of their season for hours.  This time gave me an opportunity to talk about Team Chad, where we have been over the past year and how much more I have to go.

It was nice to get race 49 done.  This race added 19.6 miles to the total.  I have now traversed 962.96 miles.  Oh so close.  

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