Race 48 – Mystery Race

So race 48 was a disappointing event.  I am thankful to the race director to allow me to come race the event but unfortunately I can’t say anything good about this particular race.  Rather the race had major issues from a safety standpoint.  The bike course was probably the most dangerous bike course I have ever raced and because of this I don’t think that it is fair for me to give this race a favorable review.  However, on the other hand, I do not want to bad-mouth a race that allowed me to race for free as party of my charity season.  So, because of this I am not going to mention the name of the race or the location of the race.  This will be the mystery race.  I am also a little reticent to talk about the race beyond what I have already said above.  I finished without an injury (which I was greatly worried about on the course) so I will take it and move on.

This race added 17 miles to the total bringing us to 943.36 miles.  Thank you for the entry….and four left to go.  I now find myself with as many races left as there are weeks in the schedule.  What a relief.

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