Race 51 – Monster Triathlon

Another week.  Another race done.  This was just south of Nashville in Pulaski, TN.  Monster triathlon is a very grassroots event.  It has a very comfortable feel to the entire event.  Not comfortable because it is easy but comfortable because it is low key and relaxed.  This is an event run exclusively for the benefit of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America and the Giles County Help Center.

The swim is held in a local swimming pool.  It was a straightforward snake swim from one end of the pool to the other.  It was a short swim of just 200 yards.  Out of the water and onto the bike.  This is why they call it Monster Triathlon.  The bike course is really beautiful.  There are some very noticeable climbs on the bike but they certainly aren’t the worst I have faced this season.  The bike course (other than riding slow to make sure the rubber stayed down) was a lot of fun.

Off the bike and to the most unique part of this race – the run.  The run starts and finishes on the edge of a graveyard.  You start the run by heading down through the graveyard.  You then have a trip around a track and then onto a greenway to the turnaround point.  You hit the turnaround point and you head back to the graveyard.  Unique to say the least.

I was very glad that I got to race close to home again.  So many friends were at this race as they have been in the past few weeks.  It was great to share the story to others at the race.  As we were leaving and walking back to the car we were stopped by a group of athletes to ask about the bike.  I dove into the story and they interrupted and asked if I was the guy that was covered by the Tennessean.  I told them that I was.  It was wonderful to hear that the story had made its way out into the general public.  That made us feel really good.  For this group to know about Team Chad was what this whole season was about.

I am writing this blog just a few days out from the final race in this season.  It is amazing to me that we are on the doorstep of the end of an amazing year.  I am truly looking forward to Chattanooga Waterfront on Sunday.  I doubt that I will be “racing” this event.  Rather I expect that I am going to keep my head up with a big cheesy smile on my face as I make my way through the course.  I am really going to try and enjoy this experience.  I can say, with all confidence, that I will never have this experience again.  

Monster added another 19.3 miles.  That’s right…we are at 999.56 total miles.  This means that by the time I get out of the water Sunday I will be over the 1,000 mile mark and on my way to finishing the 52 races.

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