Training – Bringing Sexy Back

Well, not so sure if “sexy” is the right word to describe the results of a committed training schedule….but it sure does feel good to get back into the groove. This week has been a nice step in the right direction.  I have to say that the hardest phase of my training regimen always has to be the first few weeks back in the flow…that is where I am.  This phase is peppered with pit falls, easy excuses and disappiontment.

Pit falls…well, I have been on the bike three times this week….three flats.  It is almost like the tri gods want to make sure that you are serious about recommitting yourself to the cause.

Easy excuses…work has been great the last six moths.  That is good news but it gives an easy excuse for why I can’t or don’t want to train today.  That combined with crappy and cold weather makes it very easy to skip that training session and watch tv while drinking a beer.

Disappoinment….I wouldn’t go so far as to say I was Kona bound last year but I knew I could race if I showed up on a given day.  This is not the case right now.  It isn’t in the legs or the lungs right now.  However, that is turning around day by day.  There is disappointment that comes along with the recollection of your splits from a few months ago and where they are now.  The key is to just re-focus your attention to the progression and not the memory.

So, here is to no more pit falls, easy excuses and disappointment.  2013 is here and it is time to get to it.

3 responses to “Training – Bringing Sexy Back

  1. My fav saying when I feel that way (and yes, I say it out loud…to myself) is ‘Lets get this shit done’. For some reason – those simple words get me going! Good luck and get that shit done! 🙂

  2. It’s always hard to get going again, but within a few weeks you’ll be back into your routine and feeling great! Oh, and “bringing sexy back” in the title of your blog and no pictures??? What’s up with that 😉

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