Race 5 – Chattahoochee Challenge Sprint

Race 5 had a lot to offer.  This race was held in Columbus, Georgia.  The Chattahoochee river hosted the swim.  If you have never visited Columbus then you may not know that it is home to the longest urban white water course.  This course (pictures coming tomorrow I promise) starts just about 200 yards down from the end of the rapids which makes it a very unique swim start.

The weather leading into this race included a lot of rain so the river was a bit swollen. When we got there race morning the water was moving.  Normally a fast current would be welcomed but this one was a bit quicker than normal so it presented some unanticipated challenges.  The top two were direction of the flow which changed as we made our way down the 500 yard course – causing course correction to ensure you didn’t swim into a bridge pillar or the creek.  The second was the speed of the water would push anything down river.  This includes legs which dropped a bit too low.  There were times (not the best swimmer, I know) where I felt my legs being pushed down from poor body position.  This caused more correction.  

With all this being said about the swim, the race did a very good job ensuring everyone was prepped prior to the race about the conditions and it was well lined with support crew to ensure that if anyone got into trouble that they were not far away from help.  Cuddos to them on this.

Off to the bike.  Fun bike.  Flat with about 4 miles on greenways.  This was a lot of fun because this is usually an area where we can’t push the envelope on the bike.  

Off the bike and onto the run with a course the snaked you through downtown Columbus.  The course was a lot of fun due to the scenery in part but more so with the crowd support.  The town really showed their love to this race.  Came across the line worrying about the race the next day because I enjoyed the course so much that I pushed it just a bit because of this fact alone.

Team Chad talk continued after the race again.  Good times in Columbus.

Race total distance was 15.6.  This brings the total race distance to 113.7 miles.

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