A Week Off Of Racing – Not A Week Off Of Team Chad

So we were in town this weekend. No racing which means a bit of a rest for the weary legs. Not to say that I wasn’t still working towards the goal, just not racing. Two good, hard runs through the streets of Nashville.

Awesome bike through the park:


A few laps in the backyard pool:


Sitting here tonight, I still have tired legs. But that is good…tired legs here hopefully will mean ready legs for this weekend as we head to Rev3 Wisconsin. Racing at the Dells with my Rev3 family is going to be a blast. I am very excited about the trip. We will be adding most states to the list for little Lincoln.

But, I want to make it clear. This is a year for Team Chad. Friday night Maggie and I had the privilege of having dinner with some very dedicated supporters of Team Chad. Nathan Wells (you can find him currently at Lockeland Table) was our fabulous chef for the evening. His dishes were combined with top notch wine and even better conversation about the past, present and very exciting future of Team Chad. All attendees at the dinner were very interested to learn more about how and why the charity was started and how we found our way into the Team Chad family. It was a very memorable evening.

No added race mileage this weekend but there will be some coming next weekend.

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