Race 18 – Tri for Sight

Race 18 brought me back up to Lexington, Kentucky. This race was one I was looking forward to for the whole season. The race organizer and announcer were eager to have us come up for the event and they made sure to let the crowd know who I was and what I was doing for the year.

I have been a bit slack on showing the races through pictures. So I thought another pic-centric post may be appropriate. Here we go, race start:


Now what you can’t tell from this picture is that it was about 52 degrees air temp. We were swimming in a heated pool but we knew it was going to be a cold bike. 400 yards in the pool went well. Out of the pool. Cold. Onto the bike:



13 miles went without incident. It was a fun bike through beautiful horse country. Rolling through the farmland early morning is something very special. I really enjoyed the bike but it was cold. Very cold. Bike done. Run time:


It took two full miles for my feet to thaw. It felt like I was running with frozen steaks as feet. It was generally nice running in mid-60 degree temps….especially as the feet thawed. The run, like the bike, was beautiful. We had the chance to run through the crowd twice which really pumps up the racers. Finished the run and coming into the finish :




Following the race they were gracious enough to bring me (and Lincoln) up to talk to the crowd about Team Chad. The whole crowd was listening to the story. It really was awesome:


Tri for Sight was a blast. I wish to thank everyone connected with Tri for Sight and the Lame Duck Triathlon because they really showed Team Chad serious love. Thank you.

Tri for Sight added another 16.5 miles to bring the distance total to 367.1 miles. Boom. Writing this from Branson, MO waiting to add some more miles on Sunday.

3 responses to “Race 18 – Tri for Sight

    • Ha! They are there…just under my feet. Some races, depending on the conditions, lend themselves to having your shoes clipped into the bike before you start. Then you jump on the bike, get up to speed and slip your feet into your shoes. Same thing coming back into T2…slip your feet out ahead of the dismount line and run your bike to its spot in T2 in bare feet.

  1. David,

    Iam just logging in and updating myself on your latest races. You’re doing great Pal. Way to keep up the effort on your goal to 1000 miles. Nice work!!!

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