Race 39 – Tall Pines Sprint

I received good feedback on the last post. The drone was a very cool addition to that race. Unfortunately it was not around Sunday.

Sunday was a minnie version of Saturday’s Olympic. This was, overall, a fairly challenging course. It was certainly easier on Sunday due to the shorter distance but on tired legs it still was noticeable.

The swim was a 500 meter jaunt around a point. I had a harder time getting in rhythm with this swim. Not sure why but it felt like I was fighting it the whole way.

Once out on the bike I could tell I had raced the day before. I tried to just maintain a steady pace over the 10 mile course. Again, I’m cautious, at this point, about pushing the pace too hard for fear of injury or wreck.

Off the bike and out on the 5k run course. This is where the tired legs really barked. It was a hilly course on a hot day. Honestly I just wanted to be done. Just wanted to get this one behind me. Across the line and relieved.

We received a very warm welcome at Tall Pines from the race organizer to the fans to fellow racers. We even received a cash donation on the spot. Great stuff.

This race added 13.3 miles bringing the total to 829.4 miles. Making headway.

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