Race 41 – Rev3 Knoxville

After a great day at Cedars of Lebanon I made the trip east across the state to get to Knoxville for my 41st race.  This was a great weekend of racing.  At Cedars I was surrounded by my local race friends…in Knoxville I was surrounded by my Rev3 race family from all over the country.  Pretty awesome weekend of racing.

This race was an olympic distance.  The swim took place in the river…I was looking forward to this because I knew that for most of the swim I would have the current helping out (even if only a little).  The swim went well.  I just tried to get into a groove..any groove..to help the swim progress smoothly.  The water was a perfect temp and the crowd broke up early so we were all swimming free.

Out of the swim, across the main road and into transition.  Out of the swim gear..on goes the bike gear and off we go.  I have been to this race three or four times but I have never had the pleasure to race.  I have been there as a coach for Team In Training and as a race volunteer last year.  I had heard that the bike was hilly..this is so very true.  This was a challenging bike course.  It was beautiful but it certainly made you work for the finish.  I, as I have been in my last several races, was nervous on the bike.  Every railroad crossing or rough section caused me great concern.  That is just the way it is going to be for the balance of the races.

Off the bike and out onto the run course.  We were exceptionally fortunate with the weather this year.  It was about 65 for the run.  Perfect.  I knew that I didn’t have enough in the worn out body to put down a great run so I was just focused on getting through it without blowing up a few miles in.  I knew pacing was all I could do.  The run turned out being more enjoyable than I had originally expected. It was an out and back course (which I usually don’t enjoy) which gave me a chance to see all my friends that were racing.  It seemed like I passed someone every quarter mile or so.  Sometimes it is the simple things that pick up the mood as you are punishing your body.

Across the line.  41 done…that is hard for me to believe.  I think back across the season and it seems like one big blur of race starts and finishes….I am writing this from my RV as I await the start of race 42 here at Rev3 Rush in Richmond.  We are racing on the Richmond International Raceway…that’s right.  They set up a pool in the infield of this Nascar track…we will race on this track several times over the course of this weekend.  

Race 41 brought another 32 more miles of racing.  This brings the total to 873.6 miles.  Until next time.

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